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An ode to the city  

A wistful emphasis on the second “Berlin” and the sadness of a landscape subject to the scars of persistent failings comes to mind. Change tones and the utterance of the second is an affirmation of the city’s unmatched will to try again, a drive to excel and refusal to be forgotten. The simple act of naming provides the source for inspiration. No other city represents the historical developments of Western society in the 20th century better than Berlin. The series of ideologies, wars, economic systems and sociological philosophies have all, for better or worse, left a physical mark on the city.


H: 29 cm W: 14 cm L: 25 cm 

Mimicking the spirit of the city, the sculptures of Rozenman are at first sight solid, heavy and immutable, but it quickly becomes apparent that they are in fact delicate, fragile and require care. In both cases, facades of permanence are peeled away to show the transience that plagues humanity.

B/B 105 –  2014

H: 20 cm W: 90 cm L: 50 cm 


B/B 101  THE BEGINNING  2018

H: 30 cm W: 50 cm L: 30cm 

NO TITLE –  2018

H: 40 cm W: 60 cm L: 50 cm 

NO TITLE –  2018

H: 17 cm W: 16 cm L: 32 cm 

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