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"Glass is a material with any number of dualities. It has more chance of surviving than a painting, but it can also shatter into pieces. It can break and is fragile, but it can also last thousands of years. It can be a thing of beauty, but it can also show the dark side of life. It is strong, but in my work it is also enormously vulnerable with sharp corners and protrusions".  

Rozenman uses the versatility and implicit characteristics of glass as a material to create works of art with multiple meanings; with layers that can touch personal as well as universal feelings that bring you closer to the transitory nature of life.

Born in Tel Aviv (1955) and graduated from the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, Jehoshua Rozenman, is a sculptor who also painted and worked with video, until he discovered glass as a medium for making his ideas tangible. Since then, he focuses on working with glass. Although glass is his material, his sculptures look as if they are made of wax, iron or ceramics. His work is sometimes called anti-glass. The transitory nature of life is the ever-present theme in his work, its organic nature alludes to nature. As he sees it, all art is about deceiving life, about creating something that is supposed to be there forever – although that is not what the artist wants. 

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