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 About Jehoshua


Densely layered,

both brutal and beautiful 


Born in Tel Aviv, and living and working between Berlin, Germany and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jehoshua Rozenman is a sculptor who also painted and worked with video, until he discovered glass as a medium for making his ideas tangible. Since then he almost solely focuses on working with glass. Although glass is his material, his sculptures look as if they are made of wax, iron or ceramics. His work is sometimes called anti-glass. The transitory nature of life is the ever-present theme in his work, its organic nature alludes to nature. As he sees it, all art is about deceiving life, about creating something that is supposed to be there forever although that is not what the artist wants. “I have always been mainly interested in temporary projects, in events that only go on for a little while, and all that remains is the memory. Transience is evident in all my work, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. I have no objection to cracks in my work, that is part and parcel of the process. I developed my own technique with glass as material and that’s why it looks completely different from what one expects of glass.”


“Glass is a material with any number of dualities. It has more chance of surviving than a painting, but it can also shatter into pieces. It can break and is fragile, but it can also last thousands of years. It can be a thing of beauty, but it can also show the dark side of life. It is strong, but in my work it is also enormously vulnerable with sharp corners and protrusions. The issue of whether a work of art will defy time or shatter to pieces is something that interests me. To me, glass is not the message, but the bridge to convey the message. Maybe it is the confusion that appeals to me. It is exciting to use a material people associate with functionality or trinkets. In a sense, my work is aesthetic but not beautiful. I do not make decorative objects and I do not emphasize the cheerful side of life. What I am looking for are images that can have meaning. That can be a metaphor for something else. I am balancing on a borderline.” Jehoshua Rozenman uses the versatility and implicit characteristics of glass as a material to create works of art with multiple meanings. With layers that can touch personal as well as universal feelings and bring you closer to the transitory nature of life.

Anti-Glass Nationaal Glasmuseum 

The Netherlands 2016 - 17 

What Remains Coda Museum Apeldoorn 

The Netherlands 2016 - 17 

Beste Buren / Ceci n’est pas du verre 

Het Glazen Huis Lommel, Belgium 2015

Rusted Glass Museum Beelden aan Zee 

Scheveningen, The Netherlands 2011 

Breaking Glass Museum Jan Van Der Togt 

Amstelveen, The Netherlands 2009

Under Cover Museum Jan Van Der Togt 

Amstelveen, The Netherlands 2005

Behind the Wall of Scents Israel Museum 

Jerusalem 2003

Behind the Wall of Scents Teffen Museum 

Israel 2002

Moving Pictures Museum of Modern Art 

Groningen, The Netherlands  2000

Cast Images Provincial Museum of Modern Arts 

Hasselt, Belgium 1998

Under Cover Museum of Textiles 

Barcelona, Spain 1998

Cast Images Stedelijk Museum of Modern Arts 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1997

Art Rotterdam Art Fair 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands  2020

BALLROOM PROJECT Antwerp Art Weekend 

Antwerp, Belgium  2019

Delirious Lustwarande 

Tilburg, The Netherlands 2019

KOSMOSE Rechenzentrum Potsdam 

Potsdam, Germany 2018

TIME Louise 186 

Brussels, Belgium 2016 

GLAS (Glass-works) Kunstgalerij De Mijlpaal 

Heusden-Zolder, Belgium 2015

Gallery Fontana Gallery Fontana  

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2014

10th Anniversary Landgoed Anningahof 

Zwolle, The Netherlands 2013

International Sculpture Route (ArtZuid) Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands  2013

Presentation of recent sculptures Dean Project Gallery The Hamptons 2012

Presentation of recent sculptures Dean Project Gallery New York 2012

DA Gallery DA Gallery 

Antwerp, Belgium 2009

PIONERI CON TUTTI Art Manifestation 

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands 2002

Kunstmanifestatie Haarlem Galerie The Crystal Ceiling Haarlem, The Netherlands 2001

The Future Pulchri Studio    

The Hague, The Netherlands 1999

Omanut Modernit Galerie Grafiker  

Haarlem, The Netherlands  1997

Gallery Fontana  Art Amsterdam  

New York 1996

In den Vreemde In den Vreemde  

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands 1995

G.F.A Amsterdam G.F.A Amsterdam 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1985

Hof en Heuse Hof en Heuser 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1985

Beyond the matter DMW 

Antwerp, Belgium 2019

Solo exhibition Kunsthaus 

Potsdam, Germany 2018

Berlin, Berlin Nieuw Dakota  

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2015

Project Under Cover Gallery Nachshon 

Hebron, Israel  2011

Moving Pictures Habama 

Jerusalem, Israel 2000 

Moving Pictures Groninger Museum of Modern Art Groninger, The Netherlands 2000 

Pedestrian Passage Rijksmuseum 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2010

Cast Images Teekendenootschap Pictura   

Dordrecht, The Netherlands 1998

Solo exhibition Galery Chrystal Ceiling  

Haarlem, Amsterdam 1997

Stations of the cross of the 21st century 

Old Church Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1997

Solo exhibition Beikes Kunstzaal 

Groningen, The Netherlands  1995

Solo exhibition Galery Hof en Heuser  

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1994

Solo exhibition Teekengenootschap Pictura  

Dordrecht, The Netherlands 1994

Solo exhibition Gallery A’pert 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1989 / 91

Solo exhibition LAK Gallery  

Leiden, The Netherlands 1988

English Blues Flatland Galery  

Utrecht, The Netherlands 1987 / 88

Solo exhibition G.F.A Amsterdam   

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1985 / 86

Solo exhibition Galerie Romy Goldmuntz    

Antwerp, Belgium 1984

Solo exhibition Royal Academy of Arts    

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1983


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